From a negative attitude, to a life of gratitude programme

An 8 week programme that will transform your mind a negative attitude to a life of gratitude.  Focusing on a week by week topics to allow you to finally allow yourself to live the life you truly desire.

This programme is designed for women who feel a little lost, allowing emotions to control your life, and unsure of how to reach your end goal of happiness,

Life can, at times, feel difficult.  Situations can control the way we think, feel and behave.  You were placed in the world to enjoy many different experiences.  To love and be loved, to have fun and simply enjoy every element of life.

This is the time to invest in you, and I am here to guide the way.

Your Takeaways

This programme has specifically been designed to allow you to let go of anything that is no longer serving you whilst rewiring your thoughts for a new future self.

It will teach you:

Affirmations and the powers behind them

How to journal, your identity, behavior and beliefs

Transform negative talk into positive talk and acknowledge the negative nancy

A step back in time, understanding your triggers and the reasons behind them

What is a Positive Mindset and why bother?

Say goodbye to limited beliefs

The key to success, manifesting new habits

Mindfullness and how it works

Most importantly, it will be a time to connect with others, gain new friendships, and have copious amounts of fun in the process

What You Will Receive !

30 minute coaching call

You will receive a 30 minute coaching call with myself to really dig deep and acknowledge where you are with your mindset.  We will discuss your goals and create a clear personalised plan for you to follow

8 weekly live videos and worksheets

You will be a a part of 8 live, weekly zoom calls that give in depth training, covering the topics of the programme.  Each video will also include a worksheet for you to complete and send back for feedback.  You will also be a part of a private, women’s only membership area I will hold a weekly Q&A

Women Only Support Group

Inside my private, women’s only support group, you will have the space to receive support from myself and many other beautiful women whom are going through the same transition as you.  It will allow you to be a part of a warm and friendly community, where you will be safe to share your thoughts and experiences.

Weekly Emails

 I love to send weekly emails to all of my wonderful member’s, offering additional techniques and some amazing bonuses to help you along the way

Why work with me?

There are so many wonderful life coaches and mentors available, so why work with me?

I am known as the Real, Raw and Honest, Mindset Mentor.  I was once the woman who was lost.  I punished myself on a daily basis and felt as if I was a constant failure.  I too have been exactly where you are today.  Not only am I fully qualified, but I have the experience and the scars to prove it.  My passion to help women overcome their fears, is a passion like no other.  I pride myself on holding your hand as you invest in your new journey.

Come and join our incredible community for in depth, live videos that teach you how set yourself free from a negative mindset forever